How 2 Keep a New Car Clean – (when you have ADD)

The title seemed so innocuos until I added the parenthesis!! Thought you were going to get a list full of common sense tips and maybe a few hacks? No no no. To an ADDer, How to Keep a New Car Clean might as well be, “How to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro.”

This is my first new car since I moved near the ocean. It is also the first vehicle that I’ve owned since I finally accepted my diagnosis of Adut ADD, after almost a decade of denying it. So now, at least, I know what I am up against. My scattered mind has moments where it feels like a skip in a record. This is how it SO easy for me to lose things. I will be so focused on not scratching the keys against the paint of my new beauty, (hyperfocus I guess) that my mind misses the steps it took to get out of the house and into the driveway. I locked the door, clearly, because my keys  are in my hand, but did I take my phone? Do the dogs have water? I always wondered why I hated the actual act of walking out of the house. I always had a nagging feeling that I was forgetting something, and if people rushed me, which they invariably did, I would. Hell, I do anyway. Continue reading “How 2 Keep a New Car Clean – (when you have ADD)”

How 2 Detach with Love

I am trying to catch up on my writing, so I am not quite sure why I picked this difficult subjuect matter. I can’t really give a quick tutorial on how to detach with love; there are so many variables. I can tell you, that in my life, this has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.

We all encounter toxic people in our lives, unfortunately sometimes they are our bosses, our teachers, or even our parents. Sometimes they are friends we picked when we were young, with different priorities and ideas. They can be emotional vampires, manipilators, guilt mongers or shit stirrers, and as we grow up, we start to recognize them for what they truly are. The catch 22 is that by that time, we’ve grown to love them or, in the case of family, we’d never consider the option of detaching. We can love these peoplle, but sometimes, conitinuing an unhealthy relationship to keep the peace, is not at all peaceful. It’s a hard decision to make. Continue reading “How 2 Detach with Love”

Suddenly it all ADD’s up!

This is my story. You might see parts of yourself in it, or not. I am still figuring out how it has taken over half a century for me to get officially diagnosed and finally treated for ADHD. I was so diligent. How could I have just slipped through the cracks? I have struggled with my health for years; seen countless doctors, specialists and therapists. I have been diagnosed with every malady that people roll their eyes at; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, and IBS. However, it took this long for someone to finally unlock the puzzle and literally hand me the keys to my mind. Continue reading “Suddenly it all ADD’s up!”