Jimmy Kimmel: The Voice of Reason

One day after the worst mass shooting in our nation’s history, an emotional Jimmy Kimmel gave a powerful and resounding monologue. Many complain that the Holywood elite have too much to say about current events, and I often agree with this. However, this well spoken, educated, man spoke as a person who grew up in Las Vegas. His points can be dismissed as just another liberal with a microphone, but I do not believe this to be the case.

I do not delve into politics, especially since it has become such a devisive topic. I do, however, encourage people to contact their representatives when something is particularly concerning to them. This often takes research. One does not want to call or write their representative uninformed. For me, this advice really hit home yesterday. I am a native New Yorker, who now lives in a state where many people own hand guns legally and can carry them. I have adjusted my behavior because you never know who is carrying a gun, and if they have a short fuse. I do not beep my horn, as I would in NY, even if someone hasn’t noticed the light has changed. Last month, guns were drawn in two different local “road rage” incidents. But now, I feel a different fear. Yesterday, I was walking across the Publix parking lot and twice I flinched when someone reached into their pocket! It was a horrible feeling.

Back to Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue. He spoke so knowledgeably and reasonably. I assume, that as a brand new father, he fears for the world he has brought his child into. Like never before, we are living in a gun culture. He pointed out, that over the week-end, “five people were shot in Lawrence, Kansas, three of whom died, it wasn’t even a blip on the news.” Here in Florida yesterday, a 5 year old boy shot and killed himself with a gun which was not properly safeguarded in the car he was in. We clearly have a problem and it needs to be fixed. As JK pointed out, if it’s not gun control, than come up with another solution, because it is a public safety issue that is only getting worse.

This comment really hit home for me. “And by the way, the House of Representatives will be voting on a piece of legislation this week: It’s a bill to legalize the sale of silencers for guns. This is what they’re working on. We have a major problem with gun violence in this country, and I guess they don’t care. And if I’m wrong on that, fine, do something about it, ’cause I’m sick of it.” So am I. Never mind the fact, regardless of your political leanings, I think we can all agree that legalizing silencers so that people who use guns don’t hurt their hearing is really the least of our problems. It actually boggles the mind!

So let’s not make this a partisan debate – although his monologue was clearly a cry for gun control. What I walked away from from is this. Okay – if gun control is not the answer then someone better attempt to find one. That is what our house of representative should be working on. However, politicians have become so rigid in their thinking they have forgotten that all real solutions involve compromise and an open mind. Even House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), who was shot at a GOP softball practice says that in spite of the Las Vegas shooting, he is still AGAINST gun control. Really????

For the most part, our leaders do not appear to have our best interests at heart. If this was a pandemic, there would be swift and clear attempts to resolve the crisis, not debates over how and why it should be solved. This is a life or death issue of epidemic proportions Why is it not handled the same way? Our political system has deteriorated so greatly, I have no idea what we are paying any of these people to do.

So please, educate yourself on both sides.

Learn the issues and then calmly, eloquently, educate others.

I will close with Jimmy Kimmel’s sentiments. “It’s like someone has opened a window into hell!”  We cannot become numb to the escalation of violence in our country because to do so will seal our fate.


9 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel: The Voice of Reason

  1. In the UK a man was attacked by another with an axe because he did not like his driving, luckily he did not have a gun. In today’s society a short fuse is more common than we like to admit , people are injured in stampedes , in knife attacks , and all sorts of thuggery. A gun is the ultimate weapon and should be avoided at all costs . Unfortunately America stands alone among the rich western democracies in defending gun ownership and the price of personal freedom is getting too large. We had considerable debate about young vulnerable women carrying pepper sprays as a defense against rape or sexual assault, but such things are allowed.

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  2. Sensitive souls hate violence and any type of brutal behaviour and I am with them in their feelings , some believe the killing of animals for food is also unacceptable and they become vegetarian. Unfortunately there are those who are prepared to use violence to protest against violence as did the suffragettes to get the vote for women. This method is still in much debate and is the origin of war often known as the just war or these war to bring peace. Those in America who argue for the gun believe the gun will bring peace and justice but it does not look as if it has worked in this case. Is it not curious that those two members of ISIS that committed all those terrible beheadings and other unspeakable atrocities are allowed what is called a fair trial , alongside a man who shoots a burglar attempting to steal from him. Has justice gone mad ?

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    1. I am a sensitve soul as well. Rescuer of abused dogs – (horrible problem here as well). Justice has gone mad…you are right. Americans attachment to guns baffles and saddens me.


  3. I’m75 so I have not too much lifetime left but being retired means I have no urgent matters to attend to every day. We live on the south coast of the UK in a retirement bungalow not far from the ever restless sea.

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    1. Very very nice to meet you Kertsen! Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment -If you ever want to write a guest post – let me know!! I am in Florida on a canal – have learned in the past few years how restless the sea can be!!


      1. Let me confess I’m not very apt at posts and generally confine my limited activity to a comment here and there. I generally browse overseas WordPress and see if anything moves me to comment. I might add I’m not particularly internet capable and often make mistakes when I get too smart.
        The Sea covers most of our globe and we crawled out of it a longtime ago , could it be out fascination with it stems from our early origins?


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