This Blog gets a New Name!

Hello everyone! If you have been following me you might know that I have been battling a flare in my autoimmune disease for the past 4+ months – I was so ill at one point, the most I could do was let the dogs out, and microwave soup a friend had thankfully made. I have had a nagging guilt of not writing here – but I am facing so many challenges – it’s hard to stay focused on the ADD – That is actually quite funny and ironic.

Today, after a totally disheartening visit to the Mayo clinic, who basically told me there is no treatment for autoimmune disease and you just have to not only live with it, but expect to develop more, I decided that I had to get to writing again and had to broaden my topic to include the other things that I am dealing with and believe are all related. (Such a run on sentence – my apologies).

So, never one to give up, I purchased the domain name and started a small website. I am going to keep the address on this blog the same – because it will still deal a lot with ADHD – because really, that always adds into the mix of whatever I am dealing with. The new title will be My Imaginary Enemy – and that will give me lots of room to discuss topics that are important to me that I’ve struggled with or learned a lot about through my life.

Thank you to all of you who have been encouraging and supportive in my journey and of my writing. This has been a truly healing process, so I would really like to continue it. If you have ADHD let me suggest you look at  Jennie – an adhd coach in NY, has been an invaluable mentor and online friend. She writes amazing posts, has a book I plan on reviewing – and is a non – ADHD er trying to educate the world about the challenges of living with ADHD. She also has incredibly interesting and informative podcasts – Follow her on twitter @seeinADHD and join her FB support page She is really an incredible resource and person. The support group is full of really nice people.

Cheers to everyone!!!



2 thoughts on “This Blog gets a New Name!

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    I am incredibly honored to have gained your confidence and accolades. I’m sharing this with my readers because you give so much hope through your stories. You keep on being your awesome, inspirational self! Thank you!

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