How 2 Write More

Taking this 31 day writing challenge has been a great experience. I’ve learned many things from it. But here are some of the things that pertain specifically to writing.

  • Make writing a habit – habits take longer to develop than people think – I found a great blog post about this that discusses it at length and backs it with science – How Long Does it Actually Take to Form a New Habit  – Now for people with ADD, (me:)  I realize I need to break it down a bit more – so the next steps are how to make making it a habit easy:)
  • Pick a topic that you enjoy writing about – make a list of ideas as you think of them – this will make it easier when you actually sit down to write – the first step is already done.
  • Find a comfortable writing zone where you regularly do you writing and have everything you might need at your fingertips
  • Try to write at the same time every day if you can – that reinforces the habit
  • Try to reframe how you think of writing – put it in the same category as brushing your teeth, if you want to do it daily.
  • Get inspired by people who’s writing you admire
  • Volunteer to write for a newsletter

This challenge made me reconnect with the writer in me and made me realize how important writing is in my life. Do my actions reflect that importance? I have realized that they do not. There are plenty of places to submit articles and posts online, but I need to be proactive. I have not been. But now I realize that writing, for a writer, is just important as exercising. Encourage the writer in you! If you have joined the 31 day challenge I hope you are learning a lot about yourself and others, and finding out like me, that I need to write! Good luck everyone!

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