Start a 31 day writing challenge and then attempt to swith your ADHD meds in the middle of it.

I am halfway through a great piece, but I am sweating profusely and have a huge headache. I simultaneously feel mentally pumped and exhausted. 

I try to anticipate most things, after having struggled with a myriad of illnesses my whole life, but some things you can’t plan for. I rest and stay out of big crowds when I have an important upcoming event. I try to pace myself in all activities so I don’t have a crash.  But somehow, this one slipped past me.

So, this counts as one post on my 31 day challenge. I don’t want to get too far behind and get discouraged, because so far, it’s been an amazing experience.

Please stay tuned.

In the imortal words of Arnold (don’t make me spell his last name – please!)  I’ll be back!!