How 2 Get Healthier, Made Simple

Here are some easy to implement tips for a healtier you

  • Up your fruit and veggie intake (mostly vegetable and the green kind, not the startchy kind like potatoes and carrots)
  • Up you activity level – start with small things – park farther away in the parking lot so you take extra steps – work up to 15 minutes a day of some sort of activity – walking – stretching – yoga
  • Up your water – at least 8  8oz glasses a day will keep your body nice and hydrated, as well as help to flush toxins out of the body – most people do not drink enough water – personally the only time i lose weight is when I am drinking that much water a day
  • Get 10 minutes of sun on your face a day – no shades on – let it shine on your face – this gives you vitamin D – which since the incrased usage of sunblocks and other factors, many people are short on – it also is a MUST if you struggle with anxiety.
  • Make sure to brush and floss daily and get at least one cleaning per year. Studies are linking good dental hygiene to increased health
  • Learn about supplements – research and see if there is something that might be useful to you –

These are just suggestions – if you have special health concerns, always consult with your doctor.

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