As we enter the big shopping season, here is a very quick tip for saving cash on online purchases.

Every time you buy something online make sure that you do an internet search for coupons for whatever site you are using. I have sometimes been very surpirised at what I unearthed. Sometimes you will find free shipping, cash off your first purchase, or cash off your subsequent purchase if you sign up for the sites email. Make sure to include the month and year so you get current coupons or promo codes. Search using the name of the site, along with coupon code, as well as the current month and year. If you don’t come up with any thing, play around with your search terms such as coupon codes, promo codes, free shipping, or offers.

Some coupon sites that you will stumble upon are more effective than others. I usually find the coupons on work. If you have any additional tips – please add them below in the comments section.