How 2 Use Meditation for Sleep

I have been literally tortured by difficulty failing asleep since I was a little girl. A born worrier, with a chatty mind, sleep has eluded me for over half a century. I have tried natural sleeping aids, acupuncture, homeopathy, biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy, and alcohol. You name it, I’ve tried it. It is frustrating beyong words. If you are one of those souls who glide easily into slumber, I genuinely envy you. I don’t generally feel envy – but in this case – I might even hate you!

And of course us insomniacs have the well meaning friends and family, who say truly useless things like “oh, if you work hard enough and get yourself tired, you will fall asleep,” Thanks for that, because in all these years that thought never occured to me! My inablitiy to sleep easily iprofoundly effects my life. If I could honestly change ONE thing about myself, it would be that. I would fall asleep easily and wake feeling rested, because honestly, if I were able to do that, so many other things would improve.

So, in addition to all the  things I already try to remedy my  sleep problem, I am now consistently meditating each and every night. Years ago, i had to buy CD’s for this purpose – and I would never know if they were good – or if they worked or if I even liked them. It was a costly process of trial and error and I never really found something that I loved. Now, however, with so many resources at my fingertips, I have found a wide a arrray of all different sorts of evening meditations. You can simply use your favorite search engine (I am a goolge fan) or easier still – just use youtube!

I have found a wide array of excellent meditations on youtube. For everything for releasing anger, losing weight to sleeping peacefully. There are also meditations for beginners, if you’ve never tried it before. Play around with them and see what you like. I personally prefer a guided meditation with some soft music in the background. There are a lot of self hynosis sleep videos, as well as hours of calming music. There truly is a plethera of choices. I will link a few of my favorites below. I tried to pic a wide variety and ones that didn’t have ads in the beginning.

Happy slumber all!!!

Meditation Videos on YouTube

Divine Sleep – Yoga Nidra

Forest for Rest – 10 Min Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation for Sleep Problems and Insomnia

Anxiety Reduction (Pre-sleep Version)

Evening Meditation

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