31 DAY WRITING CHALLENGE – HOW 2 … random solutions to challenges I’ve encountered.

I have recently discovered this incredible 31 day writing challenge that I am really thrilled to be participating in. As an ADDer, challenges can really get my creative juices flowing. A deadline can really motivate me and snap me out of inertia, so even though I am a last minute addition I accept the challenge.  I have selected the topic,  “31 days of How To… ” My posts will be random and eclectic, and probably, totally unrelated. Let’s see how this all turns out! I am very excited to join all the other bloggers who are taking part in this, and am grateful to The Nest for coming up with this wonderful, thought provoking idea!!!

You can take a look here at all the great bloggers participating and see all the different subject matter. 31 Days

I will add my posts here and link to them as I write them. –

  1. How 2 Start a 31 Day Challenge on the 4th Day
  2. How 2 Use Meditaition for Sleep
  3. How 2 Get the Most Out of Internet Purchases
  4. How 2 Detach with Love
  5. How 2 Wreck a Romance
  6. How 2 Get Along with the Opposite Sex
  7. How 2 Get Healthier, Made Simple
  8. How 2 Keep a New Car Clean
  9. How 2 Jump Start a Diet
  10. How 2 Lose Anything
  11. How  2 Do Something Great That Feels Great Too!!
  12. How 2 Set Yourself up for Failure
  13. How 2 Make Peace with your Invisible Diseases
  14. How 2 Write More
  15. How 2 Make a Blogger Smile
  16. How 2 Use Social Media for Enrichment
  17. How 2 Invest with $250 to Start
  18. How 2 Find Joy
  19. How 2 Beauty Hacks for an Upcoming Event
  20. How 2 NOT Be Late (the curse of ADHD)

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