How 2 Make Peace with Your Invisible Diseases (Letting Go of Toxic Shame)

For this post – I will start at the end, sort of – Releasing toxic shame. I could not move forward in my life, nor see myself clearly till I managed to release my toxic shame. I had read about it, initially, over fifteen years ago. John Bradshaw’s groundbreaking book, Healing the Shame That Binds You taught me about shame. I recognized myself as being “shame boumd.” I learned more about it, talked about it in therapy, and yet – it was still with me; dogging me. I talked the talked, but my walk was impaired by the burdenous pile of dung I dragged around with me. It took many many years for me to let it go, and until I did I would never see myself or my situation clearly. It is a process that I am still working on. Continue reading “How 2 Make Peace with Your Invisible Diseases (Letting Go of Toxic Shame)”

How 2 Do Something Great that Feels Great Too! – RESCUE

My best friend has been rescuing dogs since we were in our twenties.  As one of the most influential people in my life, I could devote a whole post to the awesomeness that is Lisa. She taught me things that I never gave a second thought about and led by example; animal cruelty in the cosmetic industry, the importance of being charitable as well as protecting our planet. These ideals have been part of who she is since she was a young girl in the 80’s. People seem to care about important things less and less. Too busy pointing their phones at themselves, they want the latest designer dog, or a cute puppy. Why rescue a mangy mutt when all it takes is cash to buy the dog of your dreams? Continue reading “How 2 Do Something Great that Feels Great Too! – RESCUE”

How 2 Lose Anything or My ADD Drives Me CrAzY!

My mother died of a brain tumor when I was a teenage girl. She was 3 years older than I am right now. In my forties, when I started noticing disturbing lapses in my memory, and an increasing inability to locate my posessions, the thought did cross my mind that something ominous was taking over my brain. Last year, when I seemed to be having symptoms of a stroke, the doctors insisted on running a battery of tests. I knew I was not having a stroke.  I get annoying acronymed disorders that people poke fun of and roll their eyes at, not REAL things. I did take the opportunity, however to put my brain tumor fears to rest, which I did. All the tests were normal. But what of the quirky mechanations of my brain? Even I had to chalk it up to too much stress. What else could it possibly be? Continue reading “How 2 Lose Anything or My ADD Drives Me CrAzY!”