Denial and my ADD

Something I once wrote included the phrase “my father had a stroke before my unbelieving eyes, the day after Christmas, right before I turned four.”  That event sort of set a precedent for my life.  I faced many challenges, continually, at younger ages than most. I successfully managed the challenges that were too overwhelming by using denial as a tool of sorts. I think it helped me survive, but it thwarted me as well.

“Denial is good,” so I thought. When a therapist rather casually told me I was a battered wife, I chuckled, and never gave it a second thought. It protected me from facing something I wasn’t yet equipped to deal with. Now I will fast forward past one decade, and one divorce, because for this post, that’s all irrelevent.  In my forties, another therapist, who was treating me for insomnia and anxiety, told me he believed I had ADHD. He encouraged me to go on Dr. Amen’s website and take the ADHD test. I did, but I don’t remember which type I had – I think I might have fit into more than one category. Still, I felt impervious to it, just like when I heard the words “you are a battered wife.” I suppose I wasn’t ready then either. Besides, I did not want to have one more stupid acronym to be defined by: CFS, ME, GAD, PTSD, and now this? NO! Continue reading “Denial and my ADD”

Being an Adult Woman with ADHD and other things I found via the FB Support Page

There is an adult ADHD Support group on Facebook

I do not want to join it because I am not ready to go public with my diagnosis – and honestly – people I met once or went to kindergarten with don’t need to know. So I will post here, the good things I find on there because I bet other people feel the same way – and also lots of people aren’t on FB Continue reading “Being an Adult Woman with ADHD and other things I found via the FB Support Page”

Suddenly it all ADD’s up!

This is my story. You might see parts of yourself in it, or not. I am still figuring out how it has taken over half a century for me to get officially diagnosed and finally treated for ADHD. I was so diligent. How could I have just slipped through the cracks? I have struggled with my health for years; seen countless doctors, specialists and therapists. I have been diagnosed with every malady that people roll their eyes at; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, and IBS. However, it took this long for someone to finally unlock the puzzle and literally hand me the keys to my mind. Continue reading “Suddenly it all ADD’s up!”